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My Bottom Line Shows the Value of an App

I know some people are resistant to change, but I am not one of them. Even though computers were not widely used when I first started my business decades ago, having one is absolutely necessary today for nearly business to survive. I have been moving right along with the times, but I was given an idea not long ago. I had no idea how to implement it myself, so I knew that I had to start looking around for a company that deals with web and mobile app development.

What was suggested to me to increase my business potential was having an app. I am just surprised I did not think of this myself because like I said, I embrace new things. I have so many apps that I use both on my phone as well as on my computer, but I just never even considered the idea of having an app for my own business. Continue reading

10 Tips for Promoting Your Home Faster

Today we will explore further, the possible ways to have a job at home as an Affiliate Marketer. There is no cost to becoming an affiliate — actually, they are happy to have you on board selling their product. Some even give YOU the larger share of the profits.

So where does one start because not all products are in demand and not all of those that are, will appeal to your comfort-zone. By that I mean would you be happy selling the latest enhancement for men or a kit for simple spell-casting? Maybe not; but I did promise to show you how to find the best of the best on ClickBank, become an Affiliate Marketer and take you a little bit further towards earning money from home.

Joining ClickBank is free. You use their sign-up button and fill it out as a promoter. When you return to the ClickBank site after confirming your membership, click on “marketplace” at the top of the page. This will offer you the various categories. After choosing one, you will note it expands to a more defined selection.

After you have settled on a category, we will look at two very important stats: The two most important numbers here are “grav” and “avg % sale”. The abbreviated “grav” is the number of readers or prospects who are gravitated to this program, and the “avg % of sale” is how many sales are made by affiliates like yourself; We like these statistics both to be as high as possible.

Once you have made your selection you can click on the title and read the promo page to see if it is professionally written, and has a good “call to action” for the prospect to open his wallet. If all meets with your approval, you would then click on the “promote” button and get your affiliate-Hop link-code that you will use every time you offer this program to someone.

Your only task is to get traffic to that “promo page”… not easy, but we’ll have some choices. Always use your hop-link-code insuring that if a sale is made, you will earn the commission.

Using our hop-link code, we will place ads, write articles, or blog as we spread the word about your new affiliate product, and talk about it on social networks. The more people you send to that Promo-Page and buy the product, the more money you will make.

I must say here in all honesty that ClickBank has been paying its affiliates now since 1998. Their retail outlet of more than 17,000 digital-product vendors and 110,000 active affiliate marketers is a record hard to beat. ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds.

In our next article I will cover various ways to drive traffic to your affiliate website’s promo-page, and perhaps we can generate a sale or two for your first endeavor. Thus far – So far, as promised we have not had to spend any money. Promoting your product will necessitate free-or-fee choices. You might want to think about a low-budget you can afford to spend on this new adventure.

The Importance Of Having A Portfolio On Your Website

Undoubtedly, having a portfolio on your website is important because it shows pride, tell a story, and illustrate your process and passion toward your work. It increases your visibility and helps to get connected with more and more clients. It allowed you to share and showcase your work in a manner that can capture the attention of every visitor and give them an undeniable reason to be your client. It allowed you to promote yourself over the World Wide Web. It offers you the benefits which you cannot overlook anyhow. Have a look below to know more about its importance for your website.

Showcase Your Creativity And Professionalism: A portfolio is a must for your website because it exhibits your skills to your clients, which helps them to make a decision whether they hire you or not. It may let them understand is you are able to satisfy their demands or not. Therefore, you should always make it with your best work that increases your conversion rate.

Increased Trust: A portfolio is a professional way to show your work to the patrons, which in result helps to earn their confidence faster than ever before. This will bring more customers to you and helps to expand your business.

Keep Rejection To The Minimum: Everybody has different taste and the work you display on your website helps to target different people. Therefore, having a portfolio is important because it demonstrates what capabilities you have, which in result prevents rejection from clients and helps to make a transparent business relationship with them.

Helps In SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Every portfolio has a unique design that stands you apart from the rest of the world. It makes the search engines to easily crawl your work for adding within their database, which in result increase your website ranking.

Increase Number Of Customers: Undoubtedly, a portfolio showcases your talent to your clients and clear all their doubts about your work, which in result increase your number of customers. If you want to generate more leads for your business, so, having a portfolio on your website is very important which you cannot overlook anyhow.

So, do you have a portfolio on your website? No, what are you waiting for? It will make your image in front of your clients and therefore, you should create it now for your website. It may increase your credibility in the market and take your business a step further toward its growth.

Flat Styles The Future of Web Design?

There is virtually no design element which offers a more meaningful shape to minimalism than what flat designs do. Their earliest history can be traced back to the times when designers felt that there was an urgent need to replace the much popular skeumorphic style. Skeumorphism can very simply be described as a design concept which entails the representation of design items that resemble their real-world counterparts.

All you need to find out about them and why do you need to find out about them

Flat styles were definitely viewed as an answer to the limitations of skeumorphism. If the digital space had difficulty in accommodating the skeumorphic elements, the flat style was seen as a greater fit for the digital landscape with all its (the digital landscape’s) limitations. Today flat styles are regarded as one of the most dominant trends ruling web design. So, if you are in talks with a website designing company regarding the possible layout of your website, you should ideally expect them to know about flat designs. Here is more about them.

Flat styles look great when they are rendered within the restraints of minimalism but they are definitely adept at handling a considerable degree of complexities as well. At the very core of these styles is artistic minimalism. The immediate benefits of employing this particular style have been listed below:

Flat designs are compatible with responsive requirements

Since they are backed by structured and crisp visuals, they render an overall touch of visual maturity that hardly any other web layout can guarantee

Speedy loading times

Easy user navigation

Typography is simple, which in turn, facilitates readability

Today we have flat 2.0, which adds complexity to minimalistic layouts. While the older versions avoided the “grandeur” of shading, the new version employs it effortlessly. Today, flat layouts have embraced more dynamic colors or bright hues to compensate the lack of visual effects that its earlier versions were known for. The modern flat styles employ a string of energizing colors contrasted with a few dull elements in a bid to create a more engaging user experience.

The typography of this particular kind of layout consisting of sans serif and uniform stroke width remains simple and easy to read as well. It should not really be forgotten that designers put particular emphasis on readability while working with this particular style. The ghost button has emerged as almost a regular feature of this particular layout. It works well with the overall nature of this layout since it doesn’t scream for attention but is there to facilitate user experience as well.

How to find them

It is extremely important on your part to find designers who are duly aware of the latest trends ruling the digital landscape. You should know where your money is going. You should try and employ the best of skills in your budget. Do read reviews of companies before hiring them – just as a means to secure an idea about their credentials.

Top 5 Website Tweaks to Boost Your Conversions

In this era of theinternet-driven economy, a company’s site appearance is the prime factor which decides the success and failure while trying to engage visitors. So, for achieving positive results, a company needs to invest hugely in website design.

So, how can you improve your website design? Here’s a guide on the 5 simple website tweaks to help you increase your sales:

1. Use responsive web designs:

These days, people use mobile or tablet devices more than desktop computers to access sites. Thus, you must use responsive design for your website to make it mobile responsive. A responsive website design helps you increase sales and eases your back-end site management for improving your SEO.

2. Add more video content:

Clients get more attracted to videos than other kinds of content. So, you can apply this tip to your business. Always pic dynamic video content to engage the visitors. High-quality videos can make the customers stay on your site for long. By building product videos, tours of your workplace, and client testimonials, you can increase conversions.

3. Add social proof:

You should add high-quality content for your site visitors who may want to buy via online offers. If you add client reviews to your site, you can assure the product reliability to your customers. This addition can also help increase your sales. In order to attract more traffic to your site, gather lots of positive reviews from your clients via web surveys. If you’re a newbie who hasn’t yet built up a repository of social proof through client reviews, you can still build trust for your clients by applying a live chat feature to make your clients feel your site a reliable place to buy.

4. Try email marketing:

This is one of the best ways of communicating with the clients and increasing your sales. This begins with a visitor’s conversion into an email subscriber.

5. Prevent downtime:

Many companies are unaware of the fact that the minutes of site downtime can cost the prospective clients and profit. For enabling customers enjoying the content for which they are searching, a site must load fast. Enhancing your site’s scalability can help prevent loadtimes and slow downtime, finally keeping more audience on your site, while driving more purchases simultaneously.

Along with applying these 5 simple website tweaks, hire an online marketing agency to boost your conversions and improve your business’ online presence.

Hottest Web Designing Trends Of 2017 Explored

Just a few days back, we actually came across a question (posted on a forum) regarding the eventual death of web design. Much as we couldn’t gauge why such a question had actually cropped up, we were not even interested in finding out details because of one simple reason – we were more excited to find out what web designing actually has in store in 2017.

Let us tell you that 2017 is going to be a great year for designing and development and today we will walk you through the trends that are going to evolve and become stronger this year. Let us read on to explore further.

Parallax is coming with custom graphics: It’s going to be a great combination

Parallax is going to get stronger with custom graphics. As we all know by now, Parallax enjoys a desirable position in the web designing sphere – thanks to the fresh elements added by it. One of the main reasons why this trend has tasted success is because it allows visitors to pay attention to every stroll. In 2017, expect parallax designs to be backed by custom graphics, complete with the high-resolution screens, retina speed and faster internet connection. Users can enjoy one of the hottest web design trends -i.e. graphics – expected to do away with the minor flaws of parallax.

Will Lazy Load continue to be prominent?

Lazy load is one attribute which, it is believed, helps websites to load faster. 2017 in all probability is going to witness improved lazy load functionality when the site images will load even before the viewport appears on your screen. As of now, visitors have to wait for a certain amount of time before the images load properly. In 2017, we are definitely expecting this problem to be done away with.

The rise and rise of flat designs

Flat designs are definitely going to stick around and make their presence felt. Imagine how designers were busy demonstrating their complicated web skills by filling up websites with flashy animations and illustrations. Flat designs stand for simplistic renderings of your designing skills. Simple websites, time and again, have won the battle against their complex counterparts by virtue of being more Google-friendly. They load faster and can easily be comprehended by Google and other search engines. On the other hand, complex sites with an overdose of flashy animations might not even be recognized for the most used keywords simply because Google is unable to recognize flash at present. It is important to use flash within limited spaces. 2017 is definitely going to witness the rise of flat aka more simplistic web designs.

Make sure the website designing company hired by you is well aware of the aforementioned trends in order to serve you in the right fashion. In order to be completely sure of the credentials of the designer, make sure you are reading reviews and seeking personal recommendations from peers. While interviewing several designers ask them how much they know about the latest trends in web designing. Keep 2017 in mind while judging answers.

Ecommerce Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid

There is a string of website designing mistakes that online retailers cannot afford to make. Your online store is your avenue to the global market- to the world of opportunities that lie way beyond your offline counterparts. You can conduct business 24/7 and be way ahead in the competitive curve.

A lot… (And we actually mean A LOT) depends on what you design. Your website is the face of your business. There is a lot which goes in to the design – everything starting from your value proposition to your product description. Let us tell you that ecommerce web designing is not only about attractive layouts but your content as well. Here’s a lowdown of the frequent mistakes that ecommerce retailers end up making when they are presenting their offerings to their customer.

They don’t pay attention to value proposition

Let us start off straight away with the value propositions. Let us tell you that even the biggest and the apparently coolest of brands out there are appallingly unaware of the importance of this aspect. Your value proposition is like your client proposal. It’s the way you pursue your prospective customers to buy from you. You should make it easy for them to decide. Why should they buy from you? It’s easy to answer that! Now, consider the question- “Why should they buy from you and not from your competitor?” Here’s where your proposition needs to clinch the deal for you. Think about it. Why should they buy from you and not from Amazon or Flipkart?

Now you know crafting your value proposition is not a walk in the park!!!

Lack of detailed product information: Do you want your customers to turn away from you?

How many times have you faced this? The bottom half that you want to buy doesn’t have proper washing instructions. The shirt that you want to buy is not backed by proper measurement description. Do not leave your potential customers with half-baked information. The product information offered by you might as well make all the difference between your customer hitting the “buy” button and the “back” button. Provide as much information as is possible for you (yes there are space constraints to be considered as well) – size, weight, material, dimensions and anything else which is pertinent.

You are not making it easy for your consumers to find you

You have no brick and mortar store. It has its own merits as well as demerits. You are in a position to offer goods at lower rates because you don’t have to include the establishment cost in your price tags. However, the lack of physical presence definitely acts as a hindrance in many cases since your customer doesn’t know how to reach you in case there is any problem with the goods. So, make sure you are leaving no stone unturned to bridge this “gap” to the best of your ability. Don’t hide your contact details – or don’t place it anywhere you think your customers wouldn’t find it easily.

Is Your Website Responsive?

As we know the world is constantly changing with new technology and devices, so is the web design and development. Earlier most of the companies were not concerned about how the website is going to appear on other devices except a desktop computer. However, in the current scenario people are using mobile and other portable devices to browse websites and not a desktop and if a customer comes to your website through such devices, it’s certainly in your best interest to make sure their experience is stellar.

In the field of website development and design, we’re quickly getting to the point of being unable to keep up the vast new resolutions and devices. As we know it is not possible to create a different version of the website for each resolution and devices. So, should we just suffer the consequences of losing visitors from one device, for the benefit of gaining visitors from another or any other alternative?

Responsive web design is the one which will solve such problem. Responsive web design is about using CSS and HTML to shrink or resize the content to appear good on any devices. Responsive design helps one to manage a single website for all the devices. In a responsive website, it doesn’t shrink down the website to fit, but it changes the layout using flexible images and change the menu structure in required way.

The most important principle is simple that responsive design is for capabilities and scenarios and not for specific hardware devices. A responsive site use single set of HTML.CSS and scripts account for the special cases like low-resolution display, mobile devices with GPS and so on.

Innovo is a web design company in Raleigh that offers such responsive web design services. Innovo provides best web design and development services in Raleigh. Being a client-focussed organization, Innovo lays great emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction. With their consistent hard work and dedicated efforts, they have been able to amass a long list of delighted customers. Innovo undoubtedly one of the best web design and development company in Raleigh, NC providing brilliant solutions and products over time.


How Can a Good Design For Website Help Your Business?

The concept of Web designing is emerging in the market in the recent century. All the companies now prefer to do their business online as marketing online has helped them to make much profit than they had made in the way of physical stores.

The people are now using several devices to search products or services. Most of them like to buy online products and get free from the hassle of moving around in the shops and searching things. Thus, a good website can impress them at this point to influence in buying the products.

The web designing has proved to be quite helpful in the following ways-

  • There have been numerous designing strategies, which have made the companies to achieve target traffic from their websites. The professionals design the websites in such a manner that the customers click the pages of the website without being acknowledged at times.
  • The websites are designed in a proper way with the help of the professionals. Several companies who are not in the market can increase their brand awareness with the help of the properly designed websites. With the right of designing and development, more people will know the sites, or more specifically the company.
  • The number of viewers in the site will be improving the visibility of the site. Most of the customers will prefer to buy your products if they feel that the services are good for their choice. The sales of the companies will increase and they would generate more profit.
  • If you are having an old website then you should consider getting affordable web design services for redesigning your existing site. The companies provide better designs by replacing or updating your former sites to the latest technology. This will make the sites better and speedy for loading.
  • You will also find that the sites will be easier to use and the less frequent internet users will be able to navigate the sites easily. This is a sure advantage as because more people will thus become familiar with your brand and trust your products before buying.
  • Another advantage of web designing is that you do not have to take much hassle of the marketing of the products or the items. The web designing companies generally have in-house SEO service providers and content writers who do the marketing by optimizing search engines through relevant contents.

Thus, if you are thinking of getting an appropriate marketing plan in India and other parts around, you can hire companies that offer affordable web design services in India. The multiple benefits will help you achieve targeted business positions in a short time.

How to Choose a Reliable Web Agency?

For a ecommerce website selecting the correct web agency is very vital. It is up to the agency how to design the website properly ,how to market it’s products and online promotion and offcourse analytics. Measuring the rate of success after any project of a client is vital.A web developer has to look for many things to do in a short span.He has to address various technical issues such as choosing the level of fidelity, screen size resolution,which device to support,scaling the design etc. Then he has to convince the client about a particular design.The steps involved to select a web agency are-

  1. Be sure about the agency. Visit their office.
  2. Research about their competititors and what advantage they give against their competitors.
  3. Study their testimonials and if possible contact some of the previous clients.
  4. Study their client list.
  5. Do some research about web designing before venturing.

Website designers here in Kolkata are very efficient in this regard. Our city has got the most trustworthy , professional and skilled web designers around the globe.They specialize in ecommerce and realestate web page development. Mention may be made of Intlum Technology which is on of the best website design companies in Kolkata website design companies in kolkata. Before I put my pen down let me conclude. The 1st and most important work is to set up a goal. Set up an objective that defines what to do. The 2nd step is to set up an budget . Beware of cheap companies. Interact with the company. Seek their help if you face any malfunction. Enquire about their after sales service.One should very sure that they give good after sales service. Infact this is the most important factor.Some companies also give free technical advice.Some also provide free seo service . This is all right but business men must see that their core service is good ie, web design.If the ist criteria is met then one should go ahead with hiring plan. Build a good relationship with them so that when it comes to give service they offer their best available resources.Maintain all steps while taking the decision.Remember good agency doesn’t sell themselves cheap.