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It’s been quoted that Air Fryers help cut down 80% of your oil use in cooking. And, since Air Fryers have been trending recently in Indian appliance markets, it becomes quite important to understand the Air Fryer Buying Guide to make the best choice possible.

So, you need an Air Fryer if you:

  • Are calorie-conscious
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Like to try a variety of food
  • Love fired foodstuffs
  • Don’t have an oven or you don’t want to use one

In short, this means most people are driven towards this healthier & innovative kitchen appliance i.e. For their cooking needs, such as frying, grilling, or baking, they use an Air Fryer.

But, with limited options of Air Fryers available between some top-notch global as well as good local brands in India, it becomes quite confusing to choose the Best Air Fryer in India.

So, here is an extensively detailed Air Fryer Buying Guide that lights upon the aspects one should consider while buying an Air Fryer.

Understanding the Working of Air Fryer

Well, to understand the aspects of the Air Fryer Buying Guide you need to know the aspects of its working, the specific need of components and utilities of the Air Fryer that make it worth purchasing when you are planning to improve your diet habits for a healthier choice.

An Air Fryer utilizes a heating element and a circulating fan. Imagine being locked up in a room where there is a continuous blow of hot air. A somewhat similar principle is applied behind the operation of an Air Fryer.

In short, when the heating element turns ON after receiving power a fan blows out the air continuously. As a result, the cooking chamber gets packed with this hot air. However, with this rise in temperature and pressure, there is a risk in its handling. thus, an exhaust vent is provided that releases a minor portion of this air.

How does an Air Fryer work?

Certainly, the base aspect of cooking is by controlling the temperature of the air and the time for which it is blown which is done through control knobs.

All in all, the important aspects to highlight while going through an Air Fryer Buying Guide would include:

  • The capacity of the chamber
  • Power usage
  • Controls
  • Safety features

Air Fryer Buying Guide India

air fryers

1. Capacity:

Certainly, one of the most underlying factors under the Air Fryer Buying Guide is the consideration of your family members. And this just does not indicate the total number of members but also the diet of an individual too. Moreover, apart from this if you have frequent guest visits or parties, functions held at your place play a crucial role too.

Typically, a 2 – 2.6 liters basket capacity Air Fryer can serve 2 to 3 members evenly. Whereas one with the capacity of 3 to 3.5 liters can serve for 3 to 4 members and for serving more, an Air Fryer with a basket capacity of 4 liters above holds good.

In case, you have frequent events at your place, then you can choose either to feed guests by continuous filling & refilling in the small capacity Air Fryer or do the hassle less with a bigger capacity one.

2. Space:

An Air Fryer is often thought of as a countertop kitchen appliance, which means it is most often left on the kitchen platform top after usage and is rarely stored inside.

A standard air fryer has dimensions of roughly 300mm in length, 350mm in breadth, and 400mm in height, according to the Air Fryer Buying Guide. Thus, a dedicated space of 70mm to 100mm more than the mentioned dimensions is recommended so that the Air Fryer doesn’t get overheated while operating & the hot air from the vents can be channeled out without any obstruction.

The power cables for Air Fryers typically run from one to three meters in length, so having a power source nearby would be beneficial in this case.

3. Power Consumption:

Undeniably, the basic aspects for comparison between the best Air Fryer brands are the power consumption, its operating efficiency & ultimately power & money savings.

Although Air Fryers don’t come with a power efficiency label as other appliances have, the only factor to consider according to the Air Fryer Buying Guide is the wattage. Different Air Fryers come with different wattages ranging from 1200 watts to over 1500 watts.

Simply put, the higher the wattage, the higher the temperature achieved, and in a shorter amount of time. As a result, faster and more efficient cooking is possible.

However, efficient appliances ask for a bit higher cost which indirectly gives you saving while operating in the long run.

4. Control & Function:

Temperature and time are the two controlling parameters in the functioning of an Air Fryer for cooking food. Undoubtedly, different food requires different temperatures & time settings.

What control is best for an Air Fryer?

Manual knob control or Digital control?

Well, concerning the Air Fryer Buying Guide, this is purely the choice of preference. In terms of operation, both controls are equally effective.

Both may be adjusted using knobs on the manual control, while the digital control has a panel for input to regulate both.

Usually, the temperature control ranges from 80°C to 140°C to even 200°C whereas, the time setting goes to 30 minutes & even to 60 minutes as well in some.

On an additional note, some Air Fryers in India even come with previously loaded cooking programs for a better consumer experience letting you fry fries to grill chicken or even bake cakes. 

5. Auto Shut off:

Furthermore, one of the features of the Air Fryer Buying Guide is to look out for the Auto Shut OFF feature. This comes in a lot of handy & provides you the flexibility to change your focus towards other respective work while the cooking process is under progress. And once the time limit is crossed the Air Fryer shuts down automatically with the indication (even beep sound if provided) to prevent any chances of overheating, overcooking, or even any fire hazards.

In short, this provides a hassle-free experience and time-space to carry out other works at the same time too.

6. Safety:

Imagine catching something hot as about 200°C.

Well, that’s serious accidental & hazardous too.

While the Air Fryers operate at high temperatures such as 200°C it becomes critically important to have an easy holding grip for basket handling & serving, & the grip should remain cool to touch. In addition, for more protection, some Air Fryers have a quick-release button that acts as a lock for removing the basket.

Apart from this, some Air Fryers have in-built selection switches embedded as well that shut off the Air Fryer whenever someone pulls out the basket whether purposely or accidentally, for maximum user safety. This is one of the best-known aspects of the Air Fryer Buying Guide that should be considered.

7. Price & Warranty:

After all the analysis, the one thing that concludes in the Air Fryer Buying Guide is the price & reliability of the product, which remains the base importance for everyone.

To compare Air Fryers accessible both online and offline in the market, the Air Fryer India price ranges from as little as 4000 to above 12000. In the end, how much you spend is determined by your budget.

Lastly, a warranty is the assurance of the reliability of the product that a brand gives, which usually is of 1 year to 2 years or even more. So, while deciding to purchase one you should consider the product having at least 1 year of warranty with it.

Lastly, if you have queries or questions regarding the Air Fryer you can check out the Review on Air Fryers  for better understanding, or feel free to drop the doubts in the comment section below.

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