Unveiling the Truth: A Comprehensive Review on Air Fryers

I am constantly looking for kitchen tools that may make my life easier and better, Since I enjoy cooking at home. Let me tell you, the Air Fryer has completely changed the way I cook since I recently discovered it. To help you make an educated choice, I’ve put together this Review on Air Fryers.

Since Air Fryer is one of the recent trending home appliances in India. So whether you have one at your place or planning to buy one, there might be several questions about it like:

  • What is an Air Fryer?
  • How to use an Air Fryer?
  • Can you prepare an Indian recipe in an Air Fryer?
  • Which is the Best Air Fryer in India?
  • Are they worth it?

As a result, after a comprehensive analysis, we have gathered & compiled some most common FAQs, which might make you better know about them for safe & efficient use.

Different Types of Review on Air Fryers

1. What is an Air Fryer?

It is an innovative kitchen appliance that promises to offer fried food items with the use of very little oil, about a tablespoon. Subjectively, it is somewhat similar to a convection oven where it circulates hot air rapidly throughout the basket. Thus, it uses this heat to fry the food.

However, frying isn’t just the feature, they even claim to roast, grill & bake food items too.

2. Do Air Fryers make food crispy?

Frying is a marketing term used for air fryers. Frying involves the transfer of heat through the oil so that the outer of the food becomes crispy before overcooking the inside. Thus, oils or fats hold essential for frying. But since the use of oil in the air fryer is drastically less the food wouldn’t resemble the exact of deep-fried food.

However, the food fried in them is much healthier. In addition, it requires much less hassle as well.

3. Can I Bake Cakes in an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer Cake

Certainly, most Air fryers do give the option of baking. Moreover, one of the base aspects for comparison between fryers & conventional ovens is baking itself. Results have even shown that the air fryer gives exact results of the conventional oven that too in less time & hassle.

4. What Foods can I prepare in an Air Fryer? and What are the uses for Review on Air Fryers?

Since air fryer gives multiple options from frying to roasting. grilling & baking you get to make a wide range of food items from non-veg like chicken, fish & even meat as well as veg stuff like french fries, samosas, bread rolls, cakes even.

Usually, a recipe book is provided with them for your ease. Additionally, some even come with a few preset-loaded programs for better flexibility.

5. Can you put Raw Meat or Frozen Food in an Air Fryer?

Undoubtedly, all frozen raw meat & frozen foodstuffs meant to be baked, grilled, or roasted get perfectly done. However, it may take slightly more time to complete. But when compared to conventional ovens, results in them are much faster for the same.

Contrarily, the air fryers cannot help with the food that requires steam for cooking such as idlis, carrot beans.

6. How much can an Air Fryer hold?

On a standard basis, it can hold 2-3 servings if the basket size is about 2.2 liters capacity. However, this greatly depends on the food item to be cooked & the diet of the person as well.

Meanwhile, it is not recommended to overcrowd the basket as it may block the air circulation & the food can remain un-cooked as well.

7. Is using Foil in an Air Fryer safe?

Depending on the basket sections you can use baking paper or aluminum foil. But you need to make sure you do not block the path of hot air.

8. Should you Preheat the Air Fryer? Is the Preheating of Air Fryer required?

Preheating involves heating the fryer for 3-4 minutes ideally. This is a safe practice to slightly reduce cooking timings.

However, you might find it difficult to arrange food items after preheating. For this reason, most air fryers nowadays do not require preheating as they get heated much faster.

9. How to use an Air Fryer?

Because it cooks the food with hot air. You need to adjust the timings & temperature of the air for cooking the food.

There are two kinds of air fryers available in the market. One has manual temperature and time control knobs. Whereas, others have a smart digital panel for the operation.

Typically, air fryers have a time control range of 30 minutes whereas some have up to 60 minutes like HAVELLS PRO-LIFE DIGI/ GHCAFBXK123 4L AIR FRYER & temperature control ranges from 80°C to 140°C even 200°C.

Auto Shut OFF Function:

In addition, the Auto Shut OFF feature shuts down with an indication when it reaches the set limit.

10. Do I need to purchase extras and attachments for my Air Fryer?

Usually, they come just with the basket. However, some might come with the pan as well. But in case you need the flexibility to cook multiple foods at one instance only then you might need to spend some bucks & purchase a food separator for the cause.

11. Can I shake food during the Air Fryer process?

Undeniably, to get crispy and well-done food results it is completely normal to shake the food evenly during time intervals. Furthermore, some of these fryers do have an option for shaking food halfway through the process.

12. How do I prevent food from sticking to my Air Fryer?

Some foods such as chicken or fish are prone to sticking during frying. Hence, in this case, before arranging them you can spray a little bit of oil over the basket or even use aluminum foil strips for easy food removal & cleanup.

13. Which oil should I use in the Air Fryer?

Well, there isn’t any protocol to use specific oil. Different food items taste better with different oil, you can use groundnut oil, sunflower or rice bran oil even olive oil for the purpose. As the fryer cuts down oil usage heavily, a little bit of coating would get you beautifully crisp fried food.

14.How to Clean Air Fryer Basket & Pan?

The basket & pan come with a non-stick coating. So cleaning them isn’t much hassle. Moreover, most fryer’s baskets & pans are dishwasher user-friendly even, refer to manuals before cleaning.

All in all, the outer body is easy to clean with mild detergent spray. Whereas, for internals, turn the fryer upside down so that you can easily access the heating element for cleaning apart from the basket & pan. 

Meanwhile, make sure the fryer is completely cool & the plug is taken out from the power source before cleaning.

15. Which is the Best Air Fryers in India?

Significantly, the percentage of person in higher weight body ratio in India is growing higher day by day. Irregular timed uncontrolled diet is one fundamental aspect enhancing the issue.

However, the introduction of the air fryer is one such solution for this, which helps in cutting down the excess oil from your diet. Not only does it help in frying but gives an option for baking, roasting & grilling. So the most recognized and best air fryer brands in India like Philips, Havells, Kenstar & Prestige have worked to bring the Review on Air Fryers possible in the market with many enhancements.

16. Are Air Fryers in India Healthy?

Well, to start the comparison, the Review on Air Fryers deep-fried food necessarily tend to consume more oil. The cups of oil that is been used in deep frying are gradually cut down to tablespoons in quantity when you opt for the air fryer.

Moreover, this deep-frying of food adds on the fat & calorie content exponentially, which can even prove cancerous if we consider some reports through medical claims.

With all this being said, still, strict control over the diet is must be it for deep frying or air frying, where the air fryer gives an upper hand comparatively. Primarily, the question should have rather been are there any better options over deep frying?

17. Is an Air Fryer better than an Oven?

Basically, to some extent, both are the same in their basics but differ in many aspects However, each has advantages and disadvantages.

Functions like grilling or attaining deep-frying context cannot be achieved in the oven. But on the other hand, the space in the oven is an added benefit.

Surprisingly, some experiments have shown that air fryers have outperformed ovens in terms of time & hassle cutoff.

18. What is the Price of an Air Fryers in India?

Well, there are multiple brands in India like Havells, Philips, Kenstar, Prestige & Pigeon. Every brand brings in some other enhancement so that the overall performance & efficiency of the air fryer goes up. So, it is upon an individual to choose as per their need.

Usually, a good featured 2 liters to 4 liters capacity best air fryer in India can hover from a price range of 4000 to 10000 on average.

19. What are the disadvantages of cooking in an Air Fryer?

Well, probably the only disadvantage to listing down in them is the cooking space or capacity provided. The capacity ranges on average from about 2 liters to 4 liters. Understandably, raising the capacity would eventually increase the power load as well.

But this can prove a hassle at times when you have multiple guests at your place at once.

Additionally, some of them don’t come with spacer or separator plates, which could be of great help in cooking different food items simultaneously.

20. Is an Air Fryer worth it?

To list down their advantages which win over their cons

  • They help save space drastically because of their sizing
  • Cuts down the excess oil & calorie content, thereby helping in making the diet healthier.
  • The working of the air fryer is quite faster comparatively.
  • Provides flexibility of roasting, grilling & baking as well over frying.

Well, doesn’t all of this justify the question and make them worth it?

In case, you still have any questions or doubts other than these in your mind bothering, feel free to reach us in our comment section.


An Air Fryer is a necessary kitchen device if you want to indulge in your favorite fried meals without sacrificing flavor or health. Review on Air Fryers changes the game in the kitchen because to its quickness, adaptability, ability to produce crispy results with little oil, and ease of cleaning. So go ahead, give it a shot, and enjoy the pleasure of excess without feeling guilty!

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